Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Why you have to invest here?

You should invest in this project, because it´s modern, innovative, comfort by its style, and secure do it's location. It's where the fauna, the flora, the dawn and dusk turn the green sea of Colombia into the favorite paradise by million foreigners.


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First Stage



The First stage is the sale of only 15 lots, to choose from between 27 lots, and to use these resources to prepare all the infrastructure of services, model house, advertising campaign in TV channels and national and international magazines, this to reach the point of balance in the sales of model houses, where millions people are going to become aware of the Project, only to place: 60 houses of which You are 15, one hundred (100) apartments and 250 rooms of the Hotel.

The benefit of being one of the first 15 investors with vision, is that the lot gives him right to a 1% in the construction company, that was created with a capital of one hundred million Colombian Pesos, paid by the projects company owner, with which all infrastructure of offices and equipment of the same are created. This company will receive from the owner, all of the 60,000 contracts with more than 60.000 Mts2 to be constructed. Which in living levels 5 and 6 the finished value of the Mt2 is excellent, it is superior to the million and a half on average per one Mt2, which is equivalent to contracts for Ninety thousand ($90.000) million Colombian pesos. In Colombia to be able to gain a contract of this magnitude, it would be necessary to pay not less than a 10% of commission so that it can be adjudicated, which is the sum of Nine thousand ($9.000) million Colombian Pesos. In this case this great benefit will be for the owners of the 15 lots, who would receive this benefit of Six hundred (600) million Colombian Pesos each at the end of the process. This is equivalent to the recovery of the investment of lot and house, additional of which each five lots has the right to a paid place in the board of directors, to control, to approve and to control the development of the project.

If you are interested in being one of those 15 investors, let us know to make you arrive an invitation, and please advice the amount of people that will attend the launching of first stage, because the admission and chairs are going to be limited. Once we have the group of 50 guests and their companions, we will inform you of the date and time of the inauguration of first stage.




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Information and Sales

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